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Our History

Hollis and Charlotte Flora started Richland Gardens around 1963 at Stelvideo, Ohio.  At first, they were raising tomato plants for local farmers.  After a few years, they began to grow tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage themselves  In 197-, they moved the family to Indiana for a year leaving the greenhouses behind.

When they moved back to Ohio, this time to Horatio, they put up a couple small greenhouses and began growing melon seedlings, which they then planted and harvested to take to market.

Woman Shopping

In 19--, they agian moved this time to 121 where they raised three greenhouses and After a move to In melons.  Richland Township.

Woman Shopping

Retail:  some petunias, marigolds

Flora Brothers & Geraniums @ 36 - 1990

Moving Fully to 36 - 199


Hard Times - 2010-2012

Reopening - 2013

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